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We are not your average agency. Dogmas have no place here. Our leadership is known for asking tough questions, making principled decisions and advocating for those who need it most. Only we don't just ask the tough questions, we give you confidence to do the same. This is the core of our approach is educating you about the pet industry, nutrition and how you apply knowledge to your unique situation.
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Nicole Cammack
Founder & CEO

With global experience and education in nutrition, Nicci brings a unique approach to the independent pet industry. 

The concept of Undogmatic Inc. was born from her frustrations within the industry. Her prior work and education has allowed her to see potential problems and mitigate risk for both pet owners and fellow industry businesses. She is consistently pressuring manufacturer and distribution partners to raise standards for product sourcing and formulation, consumer education and overall transparency. These and other unique strategies have allowed her to grow her retail operation in the face of major issues such as DCM, product recalls and even the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition to undergraduate and graduate work, she spent several years of additional schooling and internships to advance her knowledge of both human and animal nutrition. Her independent business has received multiple industry awards locally and nationally for growth, industry influence and customer service.

Michelle Yaglowski
Analytics Lead

Michelle brings a pragmatic influence to the operations of Undogmatic Inc. As a Registered Nurse, with a strong interest in nutrition she has an ability to sift through scientific data and see through marketing.


Michelle met Nicci in the midst of her own quest for information with her own pets. During her research she stumbled upon a major issue: when pet owners, pet store owners or veterinarians ask pet food companies the same question - they often receive different answers. This didn't strike either of us as transparent - so what if we could use this information to educate fellow retailers and help hold the industry accountable? This idea was one of the major catalysts behind Undogmatic Inc. 

Her experience in human medicine and her ability to dig for information helps to provide our clients with unfiltered industry information to make educated decisions. Michelle has helped uncover a variety of inconsistencies within the pet industry and saved our clients and their customers time and money.

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