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Does your inventory tell your story?
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We completely rebuilt one store's inventory to tell their story. Prior to this project the number of brands was overwhelming, even for us. This project involved analyzing customer buying patterns, industry trends and defining the owners story behind what they wanted to offer their customers. Ultimately led to a cut of nearly 40% of the brands, and SKU's stocked.


The end result? Staff was excited about, and believed in what they sold. So, customers were less confused, product was targeted to customer needs - all of which led to an increase of 17.6% YOY growth in pet food alone. 

Product Liability
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Recent trends have plagued the pet industry, for many of us grain free and DCM is all too familiar. What's more is that many supplements can pose a risk to independent retailers. For one retailer we recently educated the entire staff on the entire grain free story - with just the facts so that they were able to help the consumers decide what was best for them. We also determined what questions were vital to know about all pet food and supplement manufacturers which has led to an ongoing inventory refinement project.

The end result? Staff was confident in knowing the science, nutrition and safety behind the products they carried which led to an increase in sales. Our approach allowed for them to make both educated and proper recommendations to customers resulting in consumer confidence. We were also was able to reduce the return rate due to poor quality and/or lack of education. 

Legal Research and Writing
Industry Research

In working with local veterinarians and clients in our retail stores we realized the some pet food companies give different information to consumers, retailers and veterinarians. This exposed a lack of transparency and science within the pet industry is a pervasive issue - and we're working to fix that. Let us teach you how to open the dialogue with manufacturers and veterinarians to help bridge the gaps that just may be putting our pets at risk. 

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