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'We believe the worst mistake anyone can make is to be dogmatic and assume that everything needs to be done a particular way'

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: not dogmatic : not committed to dogma


Undogmatic Inc. is an independent media & research agency founded by a national award winning independent pet store owner. We serve several audiences - all with the same goal: provide insight and real transparency. Although born in the midst of a global pandemic, the concept of Undogmatic Inc. is not new. We've always worked to fill a void in the pet industry by helping pet owners and retailers break through marketing trends, separate science from marketing and make sound, educated decisions.


For too long many pet owners and retailers have been victim to recalls, lack of research and empty promises from the pet industry as a whole. Much of this is due to a pervasive lack of transparency on almost every level. Undogmatic helps to educate both consumers and retailers through various education initiatives, as well as ongoing industry and nutrition research. 



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